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Waiting for perfect: My struggle with never feeling ready (Part 1 of 2)

It was my dream to open a Pilates Studio someday.

That dream was tucked away in my heart for years because I was waiting. Waiting for the right time. The right resources. The right skills. But as my 40th birthday approached, it really got me thinking. When is the right time? Is there ever a right time? Will I ever feel ready?

I wrote this down in my journal about a year before finding what would become my studio home:

"The space will be beautiful. It will be clean and flowery and lovely. It will smell like roses :) it will be a peaceful, serene place that is pleasing to the senses. It will have character and a welcoming entrance. It will have floral artwork and beautiful flowing curtains. Yes. It will be gorgeous."

You see, surroundings are very important to me (more about that in part 2). I wanted my clients to experience the effects of a calming environment the moment they stepped through the door. I envisioned the studio as a place of healing. A nurturing space to retreat from the stresses of daily life. A cozy Pilates home.  

I found this space on craigslist. No picture on the ad, but the words "charming unit in a historic building" caught my attention and I had to see it. The moment I walked through the door, I knew. This was it. This was my start.

I saw the space as an "in-between step" to something bigger down the road. I remember seeing the small boarded up doorway to the left and thinking, "someday perhaps, at the earliest two to three years from now, I can expand into that other space". When I found out the space was going to be vacant just one year later, the same familiar questions made their appearance into the forefront of my conscious mind: Am I ready? Should I wait until I have the right resources? Do I need more skills, more time?

How about you? Has there ever been a time where an opportunity presented itself, but you didn't feel ready? I'd love to hear about it! Feel free to email me @ and tell me your story!

Stay tuned for Part 2 - Waiting for Perfect: Beauty Unveiled

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