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Yoga by the Sea

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About flora grace

Flora Grace is a movement & wellness studio serving San Juan Capistrano and surrounding communities. I specialize in private Pilates equipment sessions incorporating a variety of restorative modalities.

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Guidance & Support

One-on-One Sessions provide you with an added resource of accountability to help you meet your health goals. We check-in on your progress, celebrate your victories, discuss obstacles you are facing and come up with creative ways that will activate you to take your next step. 

Mind-Body Movement

Mind body movement brings gentle awareness to our innermost selves and surrounding environment. This ability is innately available to us - we just have to nurture it. Engaging your mind with exercise involves breath awareness, focused control, and learning how to interpret body and mind cues while moving in a supportive, non-judgemental way.

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Private Pilates Instruction

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